013 high pressure jetting hose TRELLJET 681
  • 013 high pressure jetting hose TRELLJET 681
  • 013 high pressure jetting hose TRELLJET 681
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M010447 JET-08-200-TRE-1

013x022 high pressure jetting hose TRELLJET 681, blue

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Inner hose: black, smooth NBR/SBR.

Cover hose: blue, smooth NBR/SBR.

Reinforcement: synthetic textile.

Temperature range: -40°C to +120°C.

Applications: specially designed for professional and industrial high pressure cleaning. The antimicrobial TRELLJET 681 is suitable for all environments where bacteria are concerned: cleaning companies, food industries, pharmaceutics, packaging/bottling, health care institutions, schools, etc.

Advantages: antimicrobial protection: prevents odour, stain, degradation and breakdown from bacterial attacks. Non-staining smooth cover. Oil, detergents, wear and weather resistant. High temperature resistance.

Technical dataPrint
Technical data
Application Pressure
Inner diameter, mm 13
Outer diameter, mm 19
Working pressure, bar 200
Burst pressure, bar 500
Min. temperature, C -40
Max. temperature, C 120
Bending radius, mm 70
Coil length, m 100
Weight 0.40 kg
Brand Trelleborg