Updated: 2024-02-19



The colors of the goods received by the Buyer and the Goods presented in the e-shop may differ slightly, since the color resolution depends on the individual characteristics of the Buyer's computer.

The seller is not responsible for the fact that the goods in the e-shop may not correspond to the real size, shape and color of the goods in their color, shape or other parameters.

If the delivered product does not meet the quality requirements, the buyer can contact the e-mail address: pagalba@hidrobalt.lt

During the warranty period, malfunctions caused by assembly errors or poor-quality materials are eliminated.

Warranty period, which is calculated from the date of sale of the goods.

For Bonfiglioli reducers and motoreducors - 12 months.

For "Sumitomo" reducers and motoreducors - 24 months.

For electric motors - 12 months.

For hoses - 6 months.

All other goods sold in the e-shop are provided with a manufacturer's quality guarantee.

Potentially defective Goods are first submitted to the Seller's warranty service services together with the document of purchase of the product, only if it is established that the Product is of poor quality, the Buyer's request for a defective Product can be executed.

Warranty service does not apply if:

the product was used without complying with the operating conditions of the product;

the good is mechanically or otherwise damaged;

the failure is due to too high voltage or its jumps;

the malfunction was caused by foreign objects, substances, liquids that got inside;

the failure was caused by natural disasters (lightning, flood, etc.);

the item has been disassembled or otherwise affected.

According to the legislation, a certain shelf life is established for specific goods, the Seller undertakes to sell such goods to the Buyer in such a way as to give him a real opportunity to use such goods before the expiration of the shelf life.

The quality guarantee provided by the seller does not limit or restrict the rights of the buyer (consumer), which are established by law when purchasing a product or service of inadequate quality. Disputes concerning the quality of the goods, return and other conditions of purchase and sale shall be settled in accordance with the procedure established by the rules of purchase and sale and in accordance with national legislation.


Buyers have the right, without giving a reason, to withdraw from the contract of purchase and sale of the goods, within 14 days from the moment of delivery or pick-up of the goods. In order to return the goods, the buyer must fill and submit the Return Request in his account and mark the goods he wants to return.. The Buyer is responsible for the assembly, packaging and delivery of the goods to the Seller.

Return of goods is carried out at the expense of the customer!

The buyer can deliver the goods to any physical store of UAB Hidrobalt or by sending them by parcels together with the document proving the purchase to the address: UAB Hidrobalt, Ateities pl. 28A, LT-52181 Kaunas, Tel. No. +370 37 473674.

When returning the goods to the buyer, it is necessary to comply with the following conditions:

the returned item must be in the original neat packaging;

the product must be undamaged by the Buyer;

the product must be unused, not losing its commercial appearance, intact label, unbroken protective film, etc.

the returned item must be in the same set as the Buyer received it;

when returning the product, it is necessary to provide an invoice for its purchase document.

The buyer's right to withdraw from the contract for the purchase and sale of goods concluded with the Seller does not apply to:

goods that have been manufactured taking into account the Buyer's personal choice or instruction, as well as goods that are clearly adapted to the Buyer's personal needs;

goods that have been prepared (cut) according to the length desired by the Buyer;

perishable goods or goods with a short shelf life;

goods which have been unpacked after delivery and which are unfit for return for reasons of health or hygiene;

goods which, by their very nature, are inextricably mixed with other articles after delivery.

After receiving the returned product and assessing its condition, the Seller shall, within 14 days, return to the Buyer the money paid for the product and its delivery costs. If only a part of the purchased goods is returned, the delivery costs are not refunded.


The buyer who wants to report defective or incomplete goods can do so verbally by phone. No. +370 37 473674 or UAB Hidrobalt in physical stores or by e-mail pagalba@hidrobalt.lt In the notification, the buyer must indicate how he wishes the claim of defective or incomplete goods to be resolved.

The buyer can deliver defective or incomplete goods to any physical store of UAB Hidrobalt or by sending them by parcels together with the document proving the purchase to the address: UAB Hidrobalt, Ateities pl. 28A, LT-52181 Kaunas, Tel. No. +370 37 473674


Check the quality of the parcel delivered at the address indicated during the ordering with the participation of the courier. If you notice that she has violations: tell the courier who brought the goods about it. In the delivery document of the parcel, mark that the package has irregularities and, together with the courier, fill out the Act of Damage (Inspection) of the Package.

Check the goods inside the packages and, if they are damaged, capture the damage in the photos. Photos will be needed for the procedure of returning the goods.

If the package is intact, there is no need to check the goods in the presence of a courier.

If you accept the parcel and sign the documents, the parcel is considered to have been delivered in order.